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25.01.2008, Netheridge STW, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, UK...Photographs of the refurbishment and development of Netheridge STW, commissioned by Morgan Est, the works main contractor...Netheridge is Gloucester city's main sewage treatment works which is served by over 30 outstations..It treats the effluent of the whole of Gloucester - some 100 per cent of properties in the city centre and 80 per cent of properties in the surrounding rural areas. This equates to a population equivalent of 50,000 - 200,000...Situated next to the River Severn, Netheridge STW is a large urban site which has undergone a significant upgrade programme in recent years to anticipate the regeneration of Gloucester and future peak flow demands..It operates a traditional process of sewage treatment, initially screening the untreated sewage, then blending it with raw activated sewage, before sending it to the distribution chamber, primary settlement tanks and onto the site's aeration tanks. However, the site does produce a sludge cake which is used by the agricultural and farming industry.