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12.01.2005, Stoke Bardolf STW, Nottingham shire, England, UK...Photographs of refurbishment of Stoke Bardolf STW commissioned Morgan Est, the works main contractor..Severn Trent Water Ltd operates a large Sewage Treatment Works at Stoke Bardolph. The works occupy approximately 50 hectares of land on the edge of the built up area of Gedling/Carlton, on the eastern edge of Nottingham, approximately 6 kilometres from the city centre. The site lies wholly within the Green Belt and the peripheral areas of the works are in Flood Zone 2..The treatment works are characterised by a large array of tanks, bays, pumping equipment and control buildings, typically of concrete construction. The cylindrical tanks forming the anaerobic digester unit are particularly tall - in excess of 10 metres high - which are located centrally within the site...Agricultural land largely surrounds the site to the north, east and south. The site is bordered by the A612 Colwick Loop Road and the Nottingham - Lincoln railway line to the west, beyond which is a sports ground and an area of open scrub land on the edge of Carlton...Stoke Bardolph village lies 1km to the east of the works via Stoke Lane, with the River Trent just beyond...The Sewage Treatment Works is connected to the River Trent by means of a works water channel taking the final discharge water, which enters the river at an outfall just north of Stoke Bardolph village.